animation reel



V Energy - V Skills (Alpacas) // KAPWA 
// animation, colouring

Echo Falls x Love Island TVC // Picnic Studio
// character animation, compositing

Tumble // personal project

Here, There Be Monsters // personal project

The Imaginary Friends Society Presents: Radiation // Trunk Animation
// pig animation

Heinz Baby Range Promos // Picnic Studio
// animation, rigging

Bin Chickens // Backseat Rebel // Dir: Dave Carter
// animation, rigging

Dog Trumpet - 'With Good Reason' // Dir: Bailey Sharp
// animation, rigging

ING Direct One // The Works Agency Sydney
// design, animation

Picnic Studio Promo // Directed at Picnic Studio

Swamp // personal project

Yopa Promos // Picnic Studio
// lead animation, design
// additional cleanup by Jennifer Belobi

1to38 The Jarryd Hayne Story titles // Candid Films

Praxis Makes Perfect // Vivid Festival 2013
// design, animation